Please read our contract before contacting us.  We invite serious inquiries.

Why do responsible breeders require spay/neuter?

Responsible breeders require spaying or neutering of companion animals because they don't want to see indiscriminate or uninformed breeding, which could lead to a degradation of the breed's quality & reputation.  Only the top quality specimens should be considered for breeding, and the rest of the litter should be spayed or neutered.  Spayed or neutered dogs make wonderful pets, and the owner never has to worry about a female coming in season or a male becoming an unintentional father.

What the terms we use mean:

Placed - we have a deposit/payment with a signed contract and placement is finalized.

Pending - There is a verbal abreement and we are waiting for a deposit.

Reserved - the puppy will be evaluated at 8 weeks old for show potential and may become available at that time.

Available - the puppy is available to an approved home.

Mara x Seek

puppies were born 9/1/21. They will be

able to go to their new homes when they are

8 weeks old on or after 10/27/21. 



Our email is

Phone 505-328-6909

Photos updated: 10/20/21

Info updated:  10/26/21

Visits to our home are by appointment only.  That means a specific date & time approved by us.  Anyone

that shows up won't be seen.  NO TRESPASSING.  We have had dogs stolen and trespassers

will be prosecuted.


Blue Merle Boy



We should have more puppies

in a couple of months.  Please keep